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Interning at VTS

By Phil Fishbein

Interning at VTS

This past summer has been one of my best for one simple reason: VTS decided to interview me, an 18 year old, and give me an internship (most companies would simply throw my résumé away). I’ve been an intern at VTS for the last week of June, all of July, and the first half of August. There is nothing like being on a real collabrative team working towards one goal. Being from central New Jersey meant that people who enjoyed software development were few and far between. This meant that most of my software education was self taught, and most of my projects had me as the only team member. Engineer Photo


There’s something to be said about the culture of startups in general. It’s a fast-paced environment where work moves fast. In larger companies, it can take weeks or even months to push a feature. At VTS, it takes a few days; a week at most. VTS especially has a very unique culture. From random push-ups to random clapping, VTS is a really fun and productive place.


VTS was my first real look at the SCRUM process. Watching SCRUM in action in a mid-size team was an experience that cannot be found at most companies. Through daily stand-ups, engineers share what they’re working on along with what’s causing them trouble. This way, the team is as transparent as possible and therefore as productive as possible.


Every single person who works here is a genius. Seriously. I’ve never been in an enclosed space with so many people who are so smart and motivated to build an incredible product. The people I worked along side treated me like a co-worker and helped me when I had problems or questions. Everyone here is incredibly friendly and just all-around awesome.

Being an Intern

When most people think of interns, they think of some kid who takes lunch orders and gets coffee and does busy work. I’m glad to say I have never felt “like an intern”. From day one, everyone here has treated me like I’m just a regular engineer. I think this is a great way to treat an intern because it truly allowed me to experience what it would be like to work here full time. I got acclimated pretty quickly with a laptop bought specifically for me along with a 27” display and a wireless trackpad and keyboard. I started my work by fixing some bugs in the website. I think that’s one of the best possible ways to get acquainted with a huge product like VTS’s site. Soon, I was working on features and implementing them rapidly.


I came into this internship having never really worked in an office at a startup with very little knowledge of the VTS stack. Now, I not only know the technologies but I also have the experience to apply to both my studies as well as future experiences in the web development world. VTS is a truly unique place to be at and I’m sad to be leaving so soon. However, I’m glad to have some experience under my belt and I’m excited for what lies ahead.